A la suite des évènements au Royaume Uni, j’ai écrit pour Encompass un petit billet comprenant cinq réflexions sur le déroulement de la crise politique britannique. Je remercie Paul Adamson de m’avoir à nouveau ouvert ses colonnes.

Recent financial and political events in the UK have constituted stimulating food for thought for political economists. Sterling’s sharp moves, gilts’ rates rollercoaster variations, and British pensions funds woes came out as logical illustrations of markets’ reactions to unsound macroeconomic policy making and subsequent corrections. Likewise, the dismay of the public, press, and opposition parties, to the Conservatives’ “mini-budget” were also terribly revealing. As Prime minister Liz Truss has now resigned from her office and been replaced by Rishi Sunak, I draw the following observations of what happened.

Retrouvez la suite du texte ici : https://encompass-europe.com/comment/a-frenchmans-five-thoughts-on-the-uk